Lehman Legacy Award

In Honor of Rex & Elsie Lehman, Founders of NHS Football (1949)

The Lehman Legacy Award honors their love for NHS Football and will be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated their love for NHS football and embodies the very essence of team spirit.

        Two six-man teams played football with borrowed uniforms from Fort Myers

         NHS first official game came about all because of a grandfather, Rex Lehman, wanted to see his grandson, Robert Walker, play the game he loved.  A mosquito bite at age 10 stopped this grandfathers dream, but it did not stop the bonds of family nor their love for the game.

          Robert Walker, who grew up loving his Naples community, became NHS #1 fan.

         The Walker family, Shula's Steakhouse, Naples Hilton, and Doctor Lois Bolin launched the Lehman Legacy Awad.


Past Lehman Legacy Award Recipients

2011 - Ben Lamb
2012 - George T. Bond III
2013 - Lynn Salley
2014 - Owen Becker
2015 - Miguel Riol
2016 - Susan Kramer
​2017 - Mark Swanson
2018 - Mason Jenkins
​2019 - Rob & Suzy Sifontes